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At Innovative Business Technology Inc., we have spent many hours developing a basic knowledge not only of computers, but also of systems and programs.   We listen to our customers to understand their business problems and then assist in building solutions.   Like any professional organization, you need trained professionals for support when problems arise and to continuously monitor / upgrade your systems.

 Computers are electronic and mechanical devices that can, and will fail.  You must have a plan and program to work with a company that will be with you every step of the way.  That company is IBT.   Our goal is to be available when you need us.   We want you to feel at ease with your computer system, knowing that a knowledgeable professional company is only a phone call away.

Through the years IBT developed a strong strategic alliance with many key industry worldwide vendors.  Because of this national affiliation, hundreds of different vendors' names can be found in our inventory list of hundreds of thousands of parts.  The probability that IBT will be able to obtain the correct parts that you need is indeed very high.

To reduce cost and time consuming system installation problems, our technical service staff tests and evaluates a wide variety of system configurations before products are introduced or delivered to clients.  IBT employees communicate continuously with representatives from major hardware and software manufacturers, to research market opportunities, evaluate and select products, and provide product and marketing information.

Motivation and experience are the two primary factors that will contribute to IBT’s long-term success.   IBT’s personnel are exceptionally motivated to excel.  The broad personal experience that our people bring to their jobs is also critical since, for most IBT clients the knowledge offered by consultants far outweigh overall system cost as the determinant in where to buy.

Not only have we been in business for over 6 years but also many on our staff have spent many years, if not entire careers, in computer and computer technology-related fields prior to joining the company.  This combination of drive and experience, backed by a dedicated support staff, provide the essential ingredients for success in the marketplace.

IBT employee’s unique qualities set us far above many of our competitors.  IBT delivers on the promise of customer satisfaction established over the past 6 years,  and our reputation for excellence in the marketplace.  Our extensive experience in working with Educational institutions, CPA Firms, Legal firms and businesses of all sizes, has positioned us at the forefront of delivering leading edge technology to companies throughout the country.

Below are listed many of the unique services and programs that are available to our clients.

       ·         COMPAQ, HEWLETT-PACKARD and DELL

       ·         Server Class Software and Hardware

·         Digital VAX VMS

·         Linux / Unix

·         MICROSOFT – Certified Solutions Provider (MCSP) Windows NT

·         Nortel Telephone solutions provider

·         System security evaluations

·         CITRIX – Sales and Service Authorized   


·         Custom designed (Private Label) packaged solutions

·         Hardware / Software

·         Networking

·         Internet Services           

·         Cabling Design & Installation

Our dedication to providing complete system solutions is unparalleled in the computer industry.  Our consultants are uniquely qualified to assess the varied system needs of our clients.  An actual visit to our client's site, and performing a technology evaluation plan, can allow our consultants to become better acquainted with the actual layout and needs required for a successful installation. 

By providing a full range of technical support services we can solve virtually any microcomputer problem experienced by our clients. Finally, our real business strength is a result of the vast knowledge gained through years of hands-on experience in marketing, installing and supporting business computer systems.  At IBT, we are selling our knowledge and expertise along with sophisticated computer products.  This blend is a rare commodity in today's marketplace.   Today, the depth of that knowledge is the primary factor that differentiates IBT Inc. from other business technology providers.