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Why Search Engine Positioning?

Simply submitting to the search engine does not guarantee you'll receive any new visitors. If people cannot find you in the first 10 to 30 matches of a search, then submitting was a waste of time. 

The best advertising dollars you can spend on the Web are in
achieving search engine rankings. There are several reasons:

1.      Nearly everyone begins his or her Web travels at a major search engine.

2.      Anyone finding your site on a search engine is someone who was specifically looking for your company, product or service. That makes them much more likely to buy something than if they'd clicked on a banner ad out of idle curiosity.

3.      Third party studies have proven that search engines provide better results than other forms of Web advertising.

If you want to increase the visitors to your site, as well as your sales, then call us today. We'll take care of all the details so you don't have to. Let us start launching your pages to the top of the search results today!



The promotion of a web site is the single most important aspect of putting your business on the Internet.  There are a wide variety of search engines, yellow pages, directories and promotional sites on the Internet. Every website offers a different approach to submitting your site. Many of them will ask that you fill out an online form while others request that you send your submission via e-mail. You need to sort through the various promotion sites and locate the ones that are the most popular among online visitors and accept submissions for your type of web site.


Search Engine Positioning

IBT builds web sites with top ranking pages and develops sustainable, consistent traffic for you, guaranteed.
The IBT team represents many years of shared experience and a thorough understanding of the major search engines. We are in the unique position to offer guarantees on our performance.

Your Web site will be optimized using the latest search engine intelligence. This ensures that top rankings are achieved and can be sustained (inappropriate or unethical promotion techniques often result in rankings that can drop quickly). We target only those search engines that history has shown to be the leaders.

IBT guarantees top search positions on the first, second, or third pages of search results according to our pricing model. Most search engine traffic originates from these pages and they will be responsible for almost all the traffic you will have to your Web site. We key on the following major search engines:

  • MSN
  • Starting Point
  • Altavista
  • Magellan
  • Submit-it
  • Anzwers
  • MaxiSearch
  • SuperSnooper
  • AOL Net
  • National Directory
  • The MX
  • Company Site Locator
  • Nerd World
  • The Yellow pages
  • Direct Hit
  • Northern Light
  • USA Online
  • Excite
  • Open Directory
  • Viola
  • Fast Search
  • Open Find
  • Webcrawler
  • Galaxy
  • Quest Finder
  • Web Direct
  • Google
  • Scrub the web
  • Web-Search
  • Hotbot
  • Search Alot
  • Web-Trawler
  • Infoseek
  • Search Hound
  • What you seek
  • Infospace
  • Search King
  • Yahoo
  • Info Tiger
  • Yep
  • Info Tiger Search Engine
  • Skworm
  • Zap
  • Jayde Online
  • Snap
  • Zen Search
  • Lycos
  • Splat Search



We offer the added submission service of your site to the three major directories:

  • Yahoo 
  • LookSmart 
  • Open Directory

Yahoo, LookSmart, and Open Directory are not "search engines" but "directories" meaning they employ real human beings to review your Web site and those "editors" determine your site's rank and description summary. Directories can be tricky to submit to, but we've enjoyed great success.

The challenge in submitting to Yahoo is getting listed at all. Some people say that most submissions to Yahoo never get added because people violate their terms and conditions. Let IBT submit your site to Yahoo, LookSmart, and Open Directory and save yourself 10 to 15 weeks of worthless waiting.